Welcome to the key takeaways from The Snack Room, Goal Setting: Building Habits to Crush Your 2024 Goals, by Gaylene Xanthopoulos. With 35 years of experience supporting life science leaders, we bring a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Leveraging our expertise, we’re excited to share actionable steps you can implement to develop habits that will help you crush your goals this year.

It is crucial for professionals in the life science space to properly develop habit-building techniques while setting goals to drive their careers forward. Whether you’re a researcher pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery, an executive translating the strategy into goals throughout the organization, or an HR professional developing the team, setting clear, actionable goals and cultivating effective habits is key to your success.

That’s why The Leadership Edge recently hosted a complimentary webinar, Goal Setting: Building Habits to Crush Your 2024 Goals, the second in a series of bite-sized learning opportunities in “The Snack Room.”

This webinar offers a comprehensive breakdown of crafting effective annual goals through the SMART framework and key steps you should take if you are navigating new roles or organizations. It also covers the importance of strategic questioning and seeking managerial guidance to pave a clear path forward. Additionally, we discuss the art of Mind Mapping to outline actionable steps for productive planning and execution post-goal setting. We also share key tips on pivoting with sustained momentum in the face of shifting priorities or organizational goals.

These 4-to 5-minute snippets capture the essence of the strategies discussed, offering real-life examples of how you can start building habits to crush your 2024 goals!