We are committed to delivering great performance, and we’re looking for a Program Manager who can ensure a tremendous client experience for all participants in our custom programs. We’re growing—fast—and we’re looking for someone who’s part event planner, part air traffic controller, and a master communicator all rolled into one. This is your whip-smart connection who’s got a great engine under the hood, but who’ll geek out over putting things in order. We can promise a position where fast-paced is the name of the game: the days are exciting, the work is challenging, and the payoff is satisfying. Click here for a full job description.


We are seeking an Executive Assistant with organizational chops and vision. The Leadership Edge has had a record year, and we need a right-hand person who can roll with tasks, problem solve, and effortlessly manage calendars and schedules. Someone with excellent writing, communication, and office software skills, who sees the bumps in the road before we get there. The anticipator, the eye of the storm, the Apple Watch in-the-flesh. Find a detailed job description here


We need a team member in the Administrative Assistant role who can be hands-on-deck while we accelerate even further. This is a person who can support operations with all in-house needs: from organizing filing, to managing our CRM, to proofreading materials. This is an upbeat, supportive, responsible team player who enjoys the challenge of checking the boxes off the to-do list every day. A detailed description is here. Fun is a core value of ours, so that’s gonna happen.

Email us at info@theleadershipedge or call us at (858) 454-6540.