Introducing CEO Cornerstone by Biocom California and The Leadership Edge

This new program developed by Biocom California, in partnership with The Leadership Edge, is tailored just for life science CEOs and the unique challenges they face in this ever-changing industry.

CEO Cornerstone is a peer-to-peer leadership development program that features customized and highly relevant content created by The Leadership Edge—our company that specializes in leadership development for life science companies. Over the past 30 years, we have worked with more than 1,000 companies.

This is not a standard networking program. CEO Cornerstone lasts 12 months, is a forum facilitated by experts, and uses programming backed by science. CEOs will find a space to meet with vetted peers of non-competing companies where they can build authentic connections and forge a confidential circle of trusted advisors. The program is curated in a way that attendees won’t have to worry about details such as scheduling.

Meetings will take place in person and require a time commitment of 2.5 hours a month.

We are accepting applications for our second cohort of CEOs on a rolling basis. CEOs of qualifying companies for this cohort include:

  • Companies that are San Diego-based
  • Have 10+ employees
  • Received 1+ round of seed funding

This cohort will include 12-15 CEOs.

Click here for the application to register.

Click here for a PDF with information.