Our Leadership Effectiveness and Development program is tech-enabled, human-centric leadership coaching that supports you and your team 

Life science leaders play a crucial role in driving organizational success. In a small, 3-6 member cohort learning environment tailored to enhance leadership skills, participants can effectively lead and contribute to their team’s growth. The Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEaD) program provides a platform for facilitated learning within a supportive cohort, allowing individuals to learn from each other and maintain accountability. Positioned as a cost-effective solution, LEaD falls between 1-on-1 coaching and larger classroom-style learning, offering a balanced approach to leadership development. With guidance from an executive coach/facilitator and the accountability provided by a 360-degree feedback process, participants will enhance their leadership abilities. The LEaD program utilizes the EQ 360®, a scientifically validated tool, to identify transformational leadership attributes essential for fostering high-performance teams. This program equips life sciences leaders with the skills and insights to drive meaningful change resulting in accelerated performance within their organizations. 

The 4 Tenants of Transformational Leadership: 

  • Authenticity 
  • Insightfulness 
  • Coaching 
  • Innovation 


  • An intimate learning environment with 3-6 members, tailored to enhance leadership skills by learning how to effectively both lead, and personally contribute to their team’s growth.  
  • Opportunities to work cross functionally with other leaders in your organization to gain a greater awareness of goals and responsibilities, more effectively negotiate for resources that align with the organization’s priorities, increase cross organizational communication, and enhance trusting and collaborative relationships between functions. 
  • Development of transformational leadership behaviors that help individuals to become a leader who is both competent and capable to drive meaningful change. 
  • Real-life leadership scenarios as real-time learning experiences. 
  • Peer feedback, growth deliverables, and group accountability which form the backbone of the cohort experience 
  • Monthly 360 Feedback to highlight leadership blind spots and capture true leadership impact 


  • A blend of curriculum, coaching, peer learning, and accountability 
  • EQ 360® Assessment, a scientifically validated tool, to identify transformational leadership attributes essential for fostering high-performance teams. 
  • One-on-one program onboarding with personalized EQ 360® Assessment debrief 
  • 5 Monthly 2-hour peer group sessions over 6 months, comprised of either peers from other organizations or cross functional leaders from within your company 
  • Leadership development tailored to the unique skills and attributes of each participant and the company’s needs  
  • Engaging curriculum that drives transformation 
  • Small cohorts for collaborative peer learning providing diverse insights 
  • Accountability for consistent growth  
  • App-driven program featuring a dashboard to track leadership behaviors real-time and course correct when needed 

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