Welcome to the third episode of our four-part series featuring Julie Anne Smith, President and CEO of Escape Bio. If you have joined us in our earlier conversations, I am sure you have discovered that Julie and I share a huge commitment to advancing womens’ success in the life sciences. Whether we are serving on DE&I committees, supporting our employees in taking on more leadership responsibilities, or strategizing ways in which the most marginalized, women of color, can have the opportunities to lead and positively impact their organizations… we are there for you.

In this portion of our conversation, Julie will share how not succeeding at your best-laid plans can actually be a gift.  We will also discuss great strategies she has used along her journey from studying science to becoming a President and CEO, and Director for two life science boards.  Welcome back to our conversation….

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Finding The Gift In Failure

Stay tuned for “Part 4- Becoming Your Best Self As A Leader”, coming next Monday.