In celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, The Leadership Edge team is excited to share the first in a four-part video series discussing strategies to overcome the challenges that women face in the Life Sciences.

Everyone faces career challenges but some of those are unique to women and we must have a gameplan in place to deal with issues like; unconscious bias, societal imprinting, changing young girls’ perspectives, normalizing DEI&J, confidence disparities by gender, looks/likability vs legitimacy, corporate code words for ‘not like us’ and more.

We welcome you to join us for part one of this series in which Julie Ann Smith, President and CEO of ESCAPE Bio, shares with us the many lessons she has learned on her journey from studying science to becoming a CEO. Today we will explore some of the challenges women face as we advance in our careers, whether those are self-imposed or imposed upon us by others.

Click below to view our conversation.

Unique Challenge For Women In The Life Sciences

Stay tuned for “Part 2 – Developing Your Mindset For Success”, coming next Monday.