As The Leadership Edge approaches nearly 30 years in business, it provides a tremendous opportunity to celebrate our past and to envision our exciting future where we continue to profoundly impact the pace, performance and culture of life science companies.

In reflecting on our history, it is amazing to me how much things have changed. When I founded the business with a vision to empower people worldwide, personally and professionally, I didn’t know where that vision would take us. A few years later, we had our first biotech client, and Jerry Yakatan, the CEO, who was also on the Board of San Diego’s first life science association, said, “This industry needs you!” and our path became defined.

The greatest joy we have had as a team at The Leadership Edge, has been the opportunity to create success stories as we have developed and grown alongside our clients. Through our teams’ ability to assess, guide and develop leaders, managers and teams in the most innovative life science companies on the planet, we have had the opportunity to work with founders like Lyle Turner and the management team of Invitrogen, to watch them grow and succeed, become Life Technologies and eventually be sold to Thermal Fisher. We have been with our clients through the inevitable ups and downs of this business, watching their commitment, dedication and a little bit of luck payoff as they brought new medicines like Rituxin, medical devices or technologies to our world. While company success is incredibly important, we also realize that companies are made up of individual people. It’s our work with individuals, whether as members of the Board, the executive team or working at the bench that drives business success and creates the stories that warm our hearts.

Over nearly 30 years, we have had many opportunities to celebrate. Whether it is seeing our coaching client who came to us as her last hope receive a two level promotion, our first time CEO receive an outstanding review from his board and continue to capably lead his organization with confidence or to see a scientist achieve her vision of scientific success, becoming a mother and living her dream in Hawaii. What has also been incredible is having the opportunity to work with two generations of leaders from the same family, partnering in the father’s early success and then guiding his son and the leadership team as they built and grew their start up into a powerhouse in the industry.

Our joy and success is measured by the success stories we have created and will continue to create with our clients. I am pleased to introduce our new brand that reflects both our history and our future as we continue to serve this incredibly important and exciting life science industry. We look forward to creating our next success story with you.