Welcome to the final segment of my fascinating, inspiring and practical conversation with Julie Anne Smith, President and CEO of Escape Bio. At The Leadership Edge, we have the privilege of partnering with clients and friends like Julie, to accelerate the pace, performance, and cultures of the world’s most innovative life science companies. What we have learned over our 31 years as a thought partner to these amazing leaders and their organizations, is that we can’t bring great drugs, devices and diagnostics to market, if we aren’t tapping into 100% of the best and brightest talent available. That is why we are so committed to increasing not only diversity in the life sciences, but also helping organizations to create a true sense of belonging for under-represented people.

In this four-part series, our focus is on the advancement and success of women in the life sciences. As we bring our conversation to a close, Julie will share the mindset and actions we need to take to rise to the top and be our best selves.

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Becoming Your Best Self As A Leader