It has been a heartwarming year for women in the sciences with the recent awarding of Nobel Prizes in Chemistry. The awards highlight how important diversity and inclusion are in our industry. The new documentary Picture A Scientist chronicles the groundswell of researchers who are writing a new chapter for women scientists by bringing to light the challenges they have faced as women in the sciences and their commitment to improving opportunities for women moving forward. This personal, powerful & eye opening film really hit home for our team as it has for people around the world.

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“As we look at the tremendous accomplishments of women in science over the years, most recently at the Nobel Prize level, it is undeniable that the cost is too high not to address stories of gender discrimination, microaggressions and harassment. These women had no choice but to be brave and forge ahead for the sake of science and the women who follow in their footsteps. If you didn’t get a chance to screen this film, I hope that you do! I feel so fortunate to be working with leaders of today that are recognizing that change is needed to retain talent in Life Sciences and that we can be part of developing women into even stronger leaders through our coaching and womens’ program.”